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This site uses third party Statistic Counter (StatCounter). This cookie monitors the visitor use of the The StatCounter shows where you came from i.e. a Google search or link from another site. It shows what pages you have viewed and if you have downloaded and of the FREE information PDF’s or PC Wallpaper on the site.

How is this information used?

The StatCounter allows the owner and designer to see if you are landing on the most appropriate page for your search and gives a basic feedback on new and returning visitors. It also gives an indication of your graphical location however is doesn’t us who you are.

Do we sell cookie information?

NO! Please be assured that information from the StatCounter is for Sue Guliver's use only and the information it provides is not sold or seen by others.

Can I block cookies from this site?

The simple answer is yes. There is a number of this you can do. Firstly you can view your own PC setting internet option and browser setting. The internet options setting can be found on Windows PC’s by going to the Control panel / internet options. Select Privacy / Advanced and you can then change the Cookies from the general default to accept to prompt. Please be aware some sites (Not may require you to accept cookies in order for the site to run correctly. Browser setting can be changed by viewing opening the browser are selecting setting. In most cases the browser will look directly at the internet options you have already set however you may find one or two extra options here and this will depend on the browser you use. uses StatCounter to record viewer visits and by changing your setting you can block many programs like this. Websites don’t have to display hit rates but that doesn’t mean that they are not running a StatCounter in the background. If you feel you would like to remove you PC from being recorded by StatCounter you can by following this link button below. More information about Cookies and how and why they are used can be found here: New EU cookie law (e-Privacy Directive) Information Commissioners Office (ico)


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